Club Layout

Tanglewood Common is a unique layout with many interesting features and sights of which the main focal point is Tanglewood Common station. The station has three platforms serving all the lines on the layout.

The Main lines runs around the entire board passing through varying scenery on the way and disappearing into a tunnel at one end and under a bridge at the other.

The London Underground line runs out of a tunnel in the hill and from there it runs past an engine shed and into the station. It is one of the most interesting parts of the layout and goes into detail such as four rails and arches to hold up cables.

In addition there is also a yard where engines can shunt truck and goods wagons, it is connect to all lines on the layout via the London Underground line.

Tanglewood Common has many scenic highlights, such as the canal and locks which runs underneath the three train lines or the cricket pitch which sits on the hill above the tunnel mouths.

The layout was designed to be easy to set-up and easy to move and thanks to recent upgrades Tanglewood Common can now run both analogue and DCC trains.